Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Truth and Religion in Politics

This year's election season is one of the most misleading and mean-spirited ones I have ever experienced. I have just started following politics in recent years...and now I wish I had paid more attention much sooner.

I belong to no party...I am actually a TRUE independent. I vote for who I think is appropriate at the time. I believe all the politicians become overwhelmed by their power, and over time, they stop representing their constituents and only represent themselves.

Years ago, while governor of NY, Mario Cuomo, a Catholic, stated that he would never allow the death penalty in NY while he was in office. Fine, if he is against the death penalty, then be against it...but if the NY residents want it....then the law should reflect what the people want...not his personal ethics and religious beliefs.

The same goes for abortion and all the other sticky issues. It is about US...not about YOU!

Another issue I have is when religious leaders run for political office. Electing a religious leader to a government position would be a violation of the separation of church and state, in my mind. Hey, if you have been called by God...isn't that more important than being President, or Mayor, or whatever? If you are a true believer, wouldn't a call from God supercede any human political aspirations?

Also, it is wrong to mislabel things to mis-inform voters.....Sarah Palin claiming that the new Healthcare has "Death Panels".....telling people that taxes are going up...when really they are just going back to what they were....there are tax breaks that are expiring....they have a end date on them just like your milk. Calling the Cap and Trade bill "Cap and Tax!" Does no one care about the environment? Global warming is just a global ruse? I heard a pundit state on the radio the other day that the environmental movement is really just a front for "anti-capitalism'!

So, let's just rape and pilage the planet, and misrepresent reality....I was a skeptic before, but today's political climate has made me unable to trust anyone...which is not what this country should foster.

So everyone, pay attention and choose wisely!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Too Long

I haven't written anything here for 9 months...hey, I could have given birth in this time! I am currently taking a Comedy Sketch Writing class in NYC, through the "Upright Citizens Brigade" an improv group started by Amy Poehler and three other guys. I am kind of old compared to the others in my class. Oh, well. Maybe I have comedy wisdom!

I am becoming very politically motivated....things seem to be getting really out of hand! Some of the political mouthpieces are very scary! I will comment on them at a later time. I am actually thinking of going to the Jon Stewart rally in Washington DC on Oct. 30...all depends on how much it will cost....have to research more....

Monday, January 11, 2010


I haven't been keeping up with my daily writing requirement....need to try harder...I didn't know you get paid for having advertising...I should advertise pens, since I am a pen-aholic. Does "aholic" actually apply to any obsession? I need to research that. Tomorrow is writing class....I feel like I haven't been to one in ages......It has been about a month. Also need to write and mail sympathy card.

Friday, January 8, 2010


This year I am truly going to do something about my "writing career." I have wanted to be a writer since 4th grade....1966??? I am going to go to some conferences...enter contests.....and make an effort to write something everyday. They say that if you do something every day for two weeks, it becomes a habit. (Who are "they"?)

So, this is today's writing....