Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to School

It is almost September, and although I consider that the school year begins the Wednesday after Labor Day, I am going to set my aim at September 1, 2011. Somewhere, probably in a movie, I heard someone (male) say that the beginning of school makes them want to give the other person (female) a bouquet of freshly-sharpened pencils! Ah, a man after my own heart! When invited to a Christmas party a year or two ago, for my writing group, I brought the hostess a bunch of small red carnations, inside of a "vase" made of an olive jar, with pencils glued all around the circumference...all lined up like toy soldiers...with a red ribbon encircling them. I did the gluing while sitting in the came out rather well, I may say so myself. I asked her to e-mail me a photo of it...but alas, she never did. I will have to make another! The past two weeks, I have been taking a class at UCB in honor of my devotion to school, I indulged myself and bought a purse, that looks as close to a schoolgirl's bookbag as someone my age can get away with...kind of a messenger-style bag...but it does have flowers! Also, last week I bought myself a fountain is inexpensive, but will serve its purpose...all the classic diarists wrote with fountain pens....(okay, some used quills, but I am not THAT ambitious!) I may even start journaling in script writing has really gone down the tubes in recent years...all I do is print! Well, my September promise to myself is to write something each it's my job....either in here, or my journal....or, hopefully, BOTH! So, this has been today's contribution. Time to go polish an apple!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Michele Bachmann and her "gaffes"

How many "gaffes" should one candidate be allowed? It seems that Bachmann has one every time that she speaks! If jobs and the economy are truly what she is focused on, then she should stop trying to make pop culture remarks about John Wayne and Elvis, etc. (she wished Elvis a "Happy Birthday" on the day that was the anniversary of his death!) I even saw a video on "YouTube" where she admits that she says the "wrong" things!! So, stop it then! (Sorry about the overuse of quote marks....don't worry, I do not do the air ones in person!) One of Bachmann's quotes that I particularly like is about how the founding fathers were against "Taxation without representation." She wants to know how they would feel about "Taxation WITH representation." Wasn't that the point?? What does she want, "Representation WITHOUT taxation?" How would she receive her congressional paycheck? Does this mean she wants to work for FREE? Yay! But how will she manage to pay back her federally-backed mortgage on her new 5200 sq ft house?? Oh, I guess it will be with the federal medical payments her husband, Marcus, receives for his special counseling - Pray away the Gay!