Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mark Levin Defends Sarah Palin

On the website, there was an article, "Mark Levin vs. Ann Coulter: Conservative Radio Host Challenges Criticism of Sarah Palin" written by Jeff Poor.

The article states that Coulter "has suggested that she (Sarah Palin) has been injecting herself into the Republican presidential nominating process." In response to that, Mark Levin says,"...Ann Coulter gives a speech to a small Republican Party gathering. And what does she do? She trashes, if not directly, but indirectly, Sarah Palin." The article further states, "Levin said some people really think a brokered convention is a legitimate possibility."

Palin started pushing for a brokered convention in a Fox News appearance on February 15, 2012, when there had only been a handful of primaries. Really, Ms. Palin??? She is just setting the stage for speculation about herself, to keep herself in the spotlight - the same tactic used by Donald Trump! She is teasing with the possibility that she is interested in will lead to more interview and TV spots...and attention to everything she says! She wants us to beg her..."Oh, Sarah, Sarah, please, please tell us...are you throwing your hat into the ring?"..."aww, golly-gee, shucks, I will consider it if you need me..." *wink* *wink* This went on all last year...until she finally put the matter to rest on, of all places, the Mark Levin Show, instead of on Fox News, her actual employer! (I think head of Fox, Roger Ailes, was not too happy about losing that (really non-event) scoop, and hid her for a while for punishment).

So, will someone please put a bushel basket over Palin's light! We don't need to see this flip-tease act again! (P.S. This is the first time I have ever agreed with Ann Coulter!)

Rush Limbaugh and the FCC

I was just on the website: reading an opinion article, "OpinionNation: Should Feminists Push the FCC to Get Limbaugh Off the Air?", dated, March 16, 2012. It was a two part debate, the first part was written by Gloria Feldt, a former president of Planned Parenthood, and the second section was written by Wendy Kaminer, a lawyer and author. Ms. Feldt feels that the FCC should take Rush Limbaugh off the air due to his bombastic language; Ms. Kaminer supports freedom of speech, even in the wake of "Limbaugh's sexist screeds."

Ms. Feldt's writing included the following quote from David Sirota of the Sun Journal:
"broadcasting ideas is a privilege, not a right" and Mr. Sirota further wondered why the right-wing media "portrayed conservatives as victims, marshaling anti-censorship arguments to insinuate that bigotry, anti-Semitism, homophobia and sexism are somehow entitled to a constitutionally protected place in a major media outlet."

My thoughts:
I don't think the FCC should be involved...I support freedom of speech - we can say what we want without government let's exercise "free enterprise" and continue to boycott Limbaugh's supporters and, and the withdrawal of such, is the best way to get your point across...empty Limbaugh's pocketbook (or in his case "man-bag")...and perhaps a lesson will be learned.

Another reader brought the core issue back into the discussion:
Posting by Glsgwgrl:
"As much as I dislike Rush Limbaugh, he should be allowed to say what he wants to say. I wish he would instead focus on something more "dear" to his own life: the use of Viagra and whether or not insurance companies should pay for men to fill prescriptions for that medication. Maybe Rush could inform his listeners about the other medical uses for Viagra, since it may be that not all men take Viagra to maintain an erection. Perhaps there are other reasons for maintaining an erection that have nothing to do with sex?"

I wrote back that "I totally agree with you (Glsgsgrl)...but I did ask my pharmacist about does have some medical uses...most notably for heart is even administered to children in small doses...just like birth control pills have uses other than contraception... my question is, for the usual use, how does a doctor determine if a man should be prescribed Viagra? Are the men required to demonstrate their need? Or do the doctors just take their word for it? To get a birth control pill prescription, a woman mus have a gynecological exam...and additional exams each time they need to renew the prescription. A woman cannot just waltz into the Wal-Mart and plop down $9.00 and get some BC pills (as the media is leading the medically-uninformed public to believe). Birth Control pills (and devices) are prescribed for the individual patient - it is not "one-size-fits-all!" I think men don't understand this entire situation because they do not have to have the intrusive examinations that women undergo just to maintain a healthy life...and don't bring up that men get rectal exams...women get those too!"

So, the verdict? Limbaugh is entitled to free speech, but if enough of us are offended enough to care and take action, we can look forward to watching his broadcast career die a slow and embarrassing he fades away into suggested retirement!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Good Chris Hitchens"

I have been remiss in keeping up with this blog. I have a handwritten notebook, and have just been too lazy to transfer the words from there to here. I also have had a few concerns about being too controversial, or being rejected for my views, but in deference to one of my heroes, Christopher Hitchens, who passed away on December 15, 2011, of cancer, and never seemed to worry about what other people thought about his thoughts, I shall fill this blog without worry!

August 9, 2011

CNN question (5pm): "Are England's riots a sign of things to come here?"
(me): We have already had episodes like this in the recent past - Rodney King in California...and in 1990, there were riots in suburban Teaneck, New Jersey (Bergen County) after the shooting of a black young man by a white police officer...(encouraged by Al Sharpton!)...we need to watch out for "loose cannon" community leaders calling people to "inappropriate and violent action." Or else, we will be in big trouble...

CNN question (6pm): "Is another religious, conservative Republican governor from Texas the answer to our prayers?
(me): Definitely not! We don't need prayers, we need action and informed voting! Elected officials should not let their religious beliefs influence and interfere with decisions made for the country...we are all of different religions and beliefs...religion should be a private matter...How about a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy regarding religion and politicians???

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sparking Patriotism

Last week, while out for a drink at a trendy, local martini bar, I was drawn into a conversation with two men sitting near me. The icebreaker was a comment about my drink - I had asked the bartender for something special, to celebrate the Halloween weekend. He made me a drink in a large martini glass, starting with Kahlua, floating Bailey's on top and then floating Goldschlager on top of that. He then set the Goldschlager on fire, and threw a pinch of cinnamon into the flame, which made sparks! Very impressive!

So, after the two men on nearby stools (I will call them Mr. A and Mr. B), made a pleasant remark about my exciting drink, we all began to talk. I know, there are two subjects you are supposed to avoid when there is alcohol involved - religion and politics! Well, somehow we got into both. When Mr. A heard that I do not believe in organized religion, because I think history shows that much of the world's violence has been committed in the "name of God" by many religious groups, he said that I am not a good American! I was highly insulted by that statement, and advised him that my religious beliefs have no relation to my patriotism to the USA. He insisted that it does.....but that was when Mr. B told me that Mr. A was a natural- born Canadian!

I asked Mr. A why he had come to America (he has been a naturalized citizen of the US for 30 years) and he answered "to make money." "Oh," I said, "you abandoned your country of birth for personal financial gain and you dare to question my loyalty to my country? I have never left the United States and pledged my allegiance to another country. Why didn't you remain in your country and work to make it a better place?" He floundered and defensively stated that he goes back to visit regularly.

I find it commendable that Mr. A put out the effort to become a citizen of his chosen country, and defends its honor, but his religious zealousness is a big part of the problems here in the U. S. and around the world. Everyone seems to feel that their religion and their "God" is the best, and anyone who does not share their beliefs is wrong, bad, evil...damned! I always thought that people came to the "New World" (of existing North America) for religious freedom...because they did not fit in with the popular majority in their respective countries. But now, hundreds of years later, we are imposing our beliefs on one is celebrating and appreciating each other's differences anymore. Why does a politician's religion matter? Why do we even know what their religion is?

Religion should be a personal and private matter. If you can't discuss it out of curiosity and interest, to broaden your knowledge of life and the world, and can only discuss it as criticism and disdain, then please, do keep it to yourself and your God!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Tonight, before she had even heard the speech, while talking with Greta Van Susteren, on Fox News, Michele Bachmann slammed President Obama and his proposed bill, which Bachmann would later find out is called the "American Jobs Act." She did not even have the courtesy to hear the speech in person, claiming she was late due to "flooding." She did manage to attend the press conference afterwards, that she herself had called, outside of the approval of the official Republican party and then called Obama's presentation a "political speech" "containing nothing new." As a matter of fact, she seemed very disturbed that the President had had the nerve to call back 535 people "under the veil of one of the most sacred, deliberative forms - a joint session of Congress." I'm sorry, Ms. Bachmann, but isn't it your JOB to attend sessions of Congress...being a Congresswoman and all? She beseeched Congress to reject all that Obama had to offer, stating "What hasn't been tried and failed before?"

Has Ms. Bachmann ever played on a team?

After the President's speech, I was watching "Project Runway" on Bravo. Tonight's challenge had the 10 contestants form two groups of five, and each group had to design a fabric and create five outfits, with at least three of the looks incorporating the group's fabric design. My mother was also watching the show, and she remarked that she did not like when the Project Runway challenges involve working in a team....she said it made things harder, and each person should be able to work on their own. Well, I wouldn't vote my mother into Congress, any more than I would vote for Michele Bachmann.

My mother has been married for 54 years, and Michele Bachmann for around 30 years, I believe. How have they managed to maintain such long term partnerships without teamwork?

I am not new to teamwork....I was on the cheerleading squad in high school (and usually at the bottom of the pyramid due to my strength, a position I accepted for the sake of our performances). I played lacrosse in college for three years, and accepted the fact that I was best suited for defense, in positions that never carried personal glory, but did contribute to overall team pride.

When I was a police officer, we did not have partners - our town was divided into six sectors, and we each patrolled a sector in our own police car. But when a call came in that required two officers, you could not choose who would be responding with you; you approached the situation with whichever officer was dispatched, and had to trust that would defend your life as you would defend theirs. Even if you did not personally like the other officer, you had to swallow your differences and work together to handle the situation in the appropriate manner, to reach our ultimate purpose and goal - public safety!

Congress, of which Bachmann is a prime example, seems to have forgotten (if this group ever even knew) how to work as a team - their mantra has turned into "Everyman (rep) for him/herself." Just as the unemployed of America, Bachmann and her cohorts are just trying to survive and maintain their "careers." Congress needs to stop stabbing each other in the back, regroup and point their spears in the same direction. Reaching across the aisle, while crossing your fingers behind your back is no longer going to hold up in this country. Congress has to remember: You work for US - the people! You need to start acting like workers, and not like the boss. Your joint goal is to serve the American people, so, get back to work, and do the jobs we elected you to do...we don't owe you a "lifestyle", you owe US a team that makes us proud!

What Goes Around...Comes Around!

Today, while waiting on line to pick up prescriptions for my parents, I overheard the woman in front of me tell the counter clerk that she was $2.00 short for her prescriptions, so she would take only the high blood pressure one and would come back some other time, when she had more money. I had a bunch of singles in my purse, so I stepped up and handed the woman $3.00. She was surprised and at first turned me down, but I told her that I would rather give the money to someone who truly needed it, than to a panhandler in the subway. (Either way, the money was going towards drugs! hahaha.) I told her that I know how important medications can be, and that in the past people had helped me. So, she graciously accepted my dollars and wanted my phone number so she could arrange to pay me back. I told her that in the future, she could give the money to another person in know, in the spirit of the "Pay it Forward" thing. I shook her hand and left quickly.

Someone did help me in the recent past. On Christmas Eve, two years ago, I was driving to Philadelphia, to visit my daughter in the hospital. The roads were extremely icy, but I was determined to see my daughter. While going downhill, my old mini-van slid off the road into a snowbank. My other daughter and I got out of the van to survey the damage. There was no damage to the van, but we were deeply stuck into the snow. Within five minutes, a station wagon stopped. A lone woman got out and asked if we needed help. She said she had a shovel. She got the shovel out of the back of her car, and proceeded to dig out my van. I tried to wrest the shovel from her to do it myself...she appeared to be older than me...but she insisted on doing the deed herself. When she was finished, I tried to give her $20.00 (that was all that I could spare at the time.) But she refused the money, wished us a "Merry Christmas" and drove off. It was as if an angel had appeared and helped us in our "time of need". (I know, quite the cliche'....and who believes in angels, anyway?)

So, I am still $17.00 ahead.....after giving that woman $3.00 today. If each of us would just help someone else, once in a while, the world would be a much better place!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


On the season opening today of "The View" (the 15th season), Joy Behar announced that over the hiatus, she got married! She had previously stated that she was not interested in ever marrying again...she and her partner of 29 years, Steve, did not need to be married. so, when pressed on the show today to explain herself, she said that the passing of the "Gay Marriage" bill in New York, showed her the importance of marriage as a legal tool. She said it is not just all about love and romance, per se, but it is a legal contract that enables each of the married pair to have the case of medical care and estate taxes, etc. She is now wearing a ring, as is Steve, but she said that the marriage will not change their daily lives at all. I guess her fear of marriage has dissipated as she grew older....she is in her late 60s, I believe. Once you are older, the fear of being cheated on (more like the reality of being cheated on) disappears...not that I know that fidelity was the biggest issue for her.....but it is an issue for many of us. When you are older, it is harder to imagine shaking up your life....comfort and stability have become your life and fear of losing the "known" is greater than the excitement of the "new" and "unknown." Good for you Joy! Congratulations!