Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mark Levin Defends Sarah Palin

On the website, there was an article, "Mark Levin vs. Ann Coulter: Conservative Radio Host Challenges Criticism of Sarah Palin" written by Jeff Poor.

The article states that Coulter "has suggested that she (Sarah Palin) has been injecting herself into the Republican presidential nominating process." In response to that, Mark Levin says,"...Ann Coulter gives a speech to a small Republican Party gathering. And what does she do? She trashes, if not directly, but indirectly, Sarah Palin." The article further states, "Levin said some people really think a brokered convention is a legitimate possibility."

Palin started pushing for a brokered convention in a Fox News appearance on February 15, 2012, when there had only been a handful of primaries. Really, Ms. Palin??? She is just setting the stage for speculation about herself, to keep herself in the spotlight - the same tactic used by Donald Trump! She is teasing with the possibility that she is interested in will lead to more interview and TV spots...and attention to everything she says! She wants us to beg her..."Oh, Sarah, Sarah, please, please tell us...are you throwing your hat into the ring?"..."aww, golly-gee, shucks, I will consider it if you need me..." *wink* *wink* This went on all last year...until she finally put the matter to rest on, of all places, the Mark Levin Show, instead of on Fox News, her actual employer! (I think head of Fox, Roger Ailes, was not too happy about losing that (really non-event) scoop, and hid her for a while for punishment).

So, will someone please put a bushel basket over Palin's light! We don't need to see this flip-tease act again! (P.S. This is the first time I have ever agreed with Ann Coulter!)

Rush Limbaugh and the FCC

I was just on the website: reading an opinion article, "OpinionNation: Should Feminists Push the FCC to Get Limbaugh Off the Air?", dated, March 16, 2012. It was a two part debate, the first part was written by Gloria Feldt, a former president of Planned Parenthood, and the second section was written by Wendy Kaminer, a lawyer and author. Ms. Feldt feels that the FCC should take Rush Limbaugh off the air due to his bombastic language; Ms. Kaminer supports freedom of speech, even in the wake of "Limbaugh's sexist screeds."

Ms. Feldt's writing included the following quote from David Sirota of the Sun Journal:
"broadcasting ideas is a privilege, not a right" and Mr. Sirota further wondered why the right-wing media "portrayed conservatives as victims, marshaling anti-censorship arguments to insinuate that bigotry, anti-Semitism, homophobia and sexism are somehow entitled to a constitutionally protected place in a major media outlet."

My thoughts:
I don't think the FCC should be involved...I support freedom of speech - we can say what we want without government let's exercise "free enterprise" and continue to boycott Limbaugh's supporters and, and the withdrawal of such, is the best way to get your point across...empty Limbaugh's pocketbook (or in his case "man-bag")...and perhaps a lesson will be learned.

Another reader brought the core issue back into the discussion:
Posting by Glsgwgrl:
"As much as I dislike Rush Limbaugh, he should be allowed to say what he wants to say. I wish he would instead focus on something more "dear" to his own life: the use of Viagra and whether or not insurance companies should pay for men to fill prescriptions for that medication. Maybe Rush could inform his listeners about the other medical uses for Viagra, since it may be that not all men take Viagra to maintain an erection. Perhaps there are other reasons for maintaining an erection that have nothing to do with sex?"

I wrote back that "I totally agree with you (Glsgsgrl)...but I did ask my pharmacist about does have some medical uses...most notably for heart is even administered to children in small doses...just like birth control pills have uses other than contraception... my question is, for the usual use, how does a doctor determine if a man should be prescribed Viagra? Are the men required to demonstrate their need? Or do the doctors just take their word for it? To get a birth control pill prescription, a woman mus have a gynecological exam...and additional exams each time they need to renew the prescription. A woman cannot just waltz into the Wal-Mart and plop down $9.00 and get some BC pills (as the media is leading the medically-uninformed public to believe). Birth Control pills (and devices) are prescribed for the individual patient - it is not "one-size-fits-all!" I think men don't understand this entire situation because they do not have to have the intrusive examinations that women undergo just to maintain a healthy life...and don't bring up that men get rectal exams...women get those too!"

So, the verdict? Limbaugh is entitled to free speech, but if enough of us are offended enough to care and take action, we can look forward to watching his broadcast career die a slow and embarrassing he fades away into suggested retirement!