Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mark Levin Defends Sarah Palin

On the website, there was an article, "Mark Levin vs. Ann Coulter: Conservative Radio Host Challenges Criticism of Sarah Palin" written by Jeff Poor.

The article states that Coulter "has suggested that she (Sarah Palin) has been injecting herself into the Republican presidential nominating process." In response to that, Mark Levin says,"...Ann Coulter gives a speech to a small Republican Party gathering. And what does she do? She trashes, if not directly, but indirectly, Sarah Palin." The article further states, "Levin said some people really think a brokered convention is a legitimate possibility."

Palin started pushing for a brokered convention in a Fox News appearance on February 15, 2012, when there had only been a handful of primaries. Really, Ms. Palin??? She is just setting the stage for speculation about herself, to keep herself in the spotlight - the same tactic used by Donald Trump! She is teasing with the possibility that she is interested in will lead to more interview and TV spots...and attention to everything she says! She wants us to beg her..."Oh, Sarah, Sarah, please, please tell us...are you throwing your hat into the ring?"..."aww, golly-gee, shucks, I will consider it if you need me..." *wink* *wink* This went on all last year...until she finally put the matter to rest on, of all places, the Mark Levin Show, instead of on Fox News, her actual employer! (I think head of Fox, Roger Ailes, was not too happy about losing that (really non-event) scoop, and hid her for a while for punishment).

So, will someone please put a bushel basket over Palin's light! We don't need to see this flip-tease act again! (P.S. This is the first time I have ever agreed with Ann Coulter!)

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